business as usual.

work like a pirate, play like a captain

Dear friends,

I’m alive. I’ve seen SAR and polar bears and I love my job.


Status update

I’m using a phone card to call Andrew because I don’t have cell service. I smell like diesel. Last night I got stuck in a scuttle in my fire fighting gear. Safeway is the only thi g that exists up here. There are whales everywhere. My cardio includes the four flights of stairs between me and food, and the erg in the hangar.

And I’m dead serious when I say I love it.

"beer is art and the palate is yours" #kodiakislandbrewing
Do you see the bear print? #kodiak
Off roading: Kodiak
We interrupt this blog to bring you the real world

But seriously. I’m off to work. So when I’m able, I will do my best to update you on my life: the Alaskan months. But you’ll probably have to wait until I get back to Seattle to once again experience my sass.

Bye momma! #shippingout

Home sweet new home #roadtrip #finallymadeit #helloseattle